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East Midlands Churches Day has been operating for a couple of decades now. It was started by the East Midlands Evangelical Ministers' Fraternal as a means of expressing the unity existing between Bible-believing churches across the region. That unity is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as proclaimed in the Word of God. The preaching and teaching of the Bible has therefore been central to the day from the outset. Below Evangelist Roger Carswell sharing the gospel.

Also  invited  are  numerous  Evangelical mission organisations  which  are there to  inform and infuse   Christians about  mission, encouraging  partnership, prayer and service.


Provision is  made for  all the family and  especially  for children with various activities being organised, including film shows, It's a Knockout, and the ever popular 5-a-side football and kids club.



The event has been held in Lutterworth Grammar school, (with the preaching service at St Mary's Church, where John Wycliffe ministered), at Garendon High School, in Loughborough, and most recently at Brockington College in Enderby. It has always been funded by voluntary donations from the churches.