Since 1966  Blythswood Care has combined the Christian message with practical help for those in need. Whether through filled shoeboxes at Christmas, relief and development aid or social projects for young and old, Blythswood brings hope to thousands in Europe, Africa and Asia. Blythswood is committed to long-term care projects in Romania, enabling disadvantaged children and young people fulfil their potential. With the support of people like you, Blythswood provides loving care for body and soul.  




Are a body of believers dedicated to making the Word of God available to everyone and together with the local church were  reaching souls for Christ.  The Gideons  was founded as a  result of a meeting between two men who wished to band commercial travelers together for evangelism. What began in 1908 as an Association of Christian businessmen placing Bibles in hotel rooms has evolved into an expanding mission to provide Scriptures to all people in nearly every facet of life. Today they have taken more than 2 billion Scriptures in more than 95 languages to 200 countries, territories, and possessions across the globe.



Serves the church in  the world's most secular continent, Europe.  While each of its fifty countries has some kind of Christian tradition, fewer then 4% of the total population are evangelical believers.

EMF  Are a fellowship of churches and individuals with a long and fruitful history in evangelism, church planting and leadership training across Europe.

The UK branch of EMF was established In 1959.  Many of  their early missionaries went out from the UK to live in continental Europe. While  they  continue to facilitate cross-cultural mission work,  they focus on supporting and equipping indigenous leaders to live and work in their own countries.




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ReachAcross Mission  is dedicated to reaching Muslims with the gospel.  They  serve in many countries across Africa, the Middle East, Asia,  North America and Europe.  They focus on reaching Muslims who have never heard the gospel,


Know your Bible is part of the ministry of CWCI  International.  Their mission is to transform womens lives through the power of Gods Word.  In order to do this they seek to..........


Bring women to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as Saviour.

Deepen and enrich the spiritual lives of women.

Equip women for life's challenges so they might be a positive influence in their homes, work and communities. Enabling women to play a more effective role in their own churches and in all their service for the Lord.





Their mission  is to support  Christian Church  in  the truth of Gods Word  and  Christian mission by getting into the hands of Christians  good  quality Christian resources  to  encourage, equip   and edify the Church  and  also  literature  enabling  the Christian  church  to  evanglise  and engage  with the world.  Proceeds of sales also  go to  support  local  and international mission.

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